WordPress Plugins

  • Easy Gallery Slider

    Responsive slider uses the images attached to a post or page. Simple to customize and configure.

  • Recent Posts Only

    Restricts posts displayed on the home page to a specified length of time.

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243 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins”

    1. There’s a conflict from your theme due to the “loading spinner”. Disable that and the slides will load correctly. This will be fixed in the next version. Thanks!

  1. I found a small bug. When you add a link, enclosed in html comments, to the image description it isn’t recognised if it contains a hyphen. Its a regex problem.

  2. Hi, when I tried Ease Gallery Slider for first time I just couldn’t believe this would be so easy: everything worked fine and looked awesome! But the deal is that some-why the rels are not working anymore, so when I try to establish prettyPhoto[*] class and rel both for zoom button and slides, my lightbox just ignores it and opens the photo in a new tab. On otherhand, when I declare prettPhoto my self it accepts it and opens it properly in the lightbox. As I know the changes I’ve made on the site shouldn’t make any mess, but please give some ideas to find the reason of this issue. Many thanks for great plugin!

  3. Hey! I’m having an issue with my site where the plugins options aren’t showing up, it only shows the gray box and not the checkboxes / options, also on the same page the phrase “thank you for creating with wordpress” is pushed to the right side, leading me to beleive it’s not loading correctly.

    Also, I’ve noticed that some of the pages where I’ve put the “Featured images” aren’t showing the features image in that area anymore, although they still appear in the slider.

    Can you please help me sort this out ? Id love to continue using this plugin, but I need it to function properly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks in advance man,


    Chris Coffin

  4. Hi there,
    Love the gallery slider. My only issue is locating the ‘menu order field is on the Gallery attachment tab’. I currently cant exclude any images.
    Can you help,

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